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Social Media Essentials

What you need in your business to increase community engagement

Increasing community engagement

will deliver better outcomes for your business.

Increasing engagement on social media can be challenging because there isn't one set of specific tactics to use because every business is different and so too are our online communities. Yet so many of us are on the search for a quick fix, a fast way to create success. The thing is, there is no overnight success on social media, like anything, it takes commitment and hard work.

Put your people first

Social media is about people, which is why there must be a focus on personal connection, inclusion, personalisation, relationships and engagement if you want to cut through the noise and make an impact.

If you want to increase community engagement a strategic approach is essential because this will allow you to personally connect and build relationships and communities that matter.

By increasing community engagement you will:

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build a positive online reputation
  • Connect with leaders and influencers
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention
  • Generate new leads to your business

Social Media Essentials is an online social media training by Debra Sinclair, that will show you what you need in your business to increase community engagement effectively on social media.

The training is designed for business owners who have been using social media in their business for a minimum of 12-months and are at the stage where they want to deepen relationships with their online community. This training isn't suitable for beginners as a prior level of social media knowledge is required.

About Debra

Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair

Founder & Director of Community Engagement

Hi. I’m Debra and I'm the Founder and Director of Community Engagement at Liquid Mango Consulting.

I absolutely love working with small and medium-sized businesses that want to deepen relationships with their customers, prospects, connections, team and suppliers, everyone who is part of their online community.

When I started Liquid Mango in 2011, I noticed there were many people and brands using social media to broadcast and talk about themselves with little regard for their audience. They were using social media as a self-promotional tool rather than a communication tool to connect and communicate meaningfully with their audience.

At Liquid Mango, we're truly passionate about showing businesses how to communicate authentically and increase community engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram so they can better understand their customers, key stakeholders and in turn, deliver better business outcomes.

I’m very passionate about connection, communication and engagement and have been for over 20 years. I have a Masters Degree in Communication Management and have been featured in The Huffington Post Australia, Women Love Tech, Women In Focus and 50 Unsung Business Heroes. I have extensive experience in social media, public relations, communications, event management and working in the media where I developed and implemented communications strategies, shared extraordinary stories and built brands by bringing people together and creating highly engaged communities online and offline.

Since starting Liquid Mango, I've had the opportunity to work with clients in the health and wellness, human resources, business coaching, public relations, marketing, hospitality, robotics, building, and property industries with dramatic results, including increased engagement, brand awareness, customer service, customer loyalty, productivity and inbound traffic.

Engagement is about making your business human - I will show you how.

Inside this training you'll learn

Why engagement matters for your business

Why it's important to invest in your people

The 4 critical elements you need in your business to increase community engagement on social media

Why you must set up your social media profiles for engagement

Here's what you get

Social Media Essentials


  • 30-minute video training
  • 7-day action plan worksheet
  • e-book: How To Build A Social Media Community For Your Business


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Bonus Material

Action plan worksheet

A 7-day action plan worksheet to guide you through the first 7-days of implementation.


How to build a social media community for your business

This 24-page eBook talks about building online communities and the important things you need to consider.


If you feel ‘lost’ in the Social Media World and want structure, strategy, and focus, then I can’t recommend Debra highly enough.
Bianca de Reus Founder, Connecting Soul Beings
Debra is a natural trainer and makes a topic that can be quite complicated and overwhelming very easy to understand.
Sonya Lovell Entrepreneur,
Debra's approach to building relationships was felt from the first moment of meeting. Debra really lives the business values she promotes. This is an extremely rare quality in the marketing business.
Kirana Haag International Artist

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